NRDC-GR History

NRDC-GR is a multinational HQ, one of the nine Graduated Readiness Forces Land Headquarters, of the NATO Force Structure.

The HQ is autonomous for operations and able to deploy anywhere in the world. It supports 1500 troops under any conditions, in terms of force protection, accommodation, communications, feeding, water drilling and purification, electricity, hygiene, medical support etc.

In August 2001 the Hellenic C’ Army Corps, one of the older and more glorious formations of the contemporary Hellenic Army, started a transformation process to qualify as a NATO Force of Low Readiness (FLR) Corps HQ and was named NATO Deployable Corps – Greece (NDC-GR).

After achieving the Initial Operational Capability (IOC) in December 2003, it was activated as a NATO Military HQ, gaining international status in August 2004.

In June 2005 the HQ attained the Full Operational Capability (FOC) and on 29 September 2005, after NATO Military Committee endorsement and recommendation, the North Atlantic Council (NAC) confirmed NDC-GR HQ as a NATO FLR HQ.

In June 2008 the HQ passed a Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) using the High Readiness Force Criteria.

In October 2009 Greece offered NDC-GR HQ to undertake the role of Land Component Command (LCC) for the NATO Response Force 2012, the greatest up till now challenge for this HQ.

Upon its commitment to assume LCC role in the NRF Long Term Rotation Plan, the HQ had to go again through a Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL). This CREVAL was conducted in June 2011, and the HQ was declared “Combat Prepared”.

In October – November 2011, the HQ was certified as LCC for the NRF 2012 following the evaluation process through two major exercises “Briliant Ledger 11” and “Steadfast Juncture 11”.

The HQ undertook the NRF Land Component Command role, for the year 2012.

Following the successful outcome of this mission, the Framework Nation (Greece), decided to upgrade the HQ to HRF and inform the Alliance Authorities respectively. This offer was accepted by the Alliance.

In December 2015 High Readiness Force Full Operation Capability (FOC) was declared through a national evaluation.

In June 2015 as a result of an intense NATO CREVAL, NRDC-GR was declared as a Combat Ready High Readiness Force Headquarters.

From September 2015 and on, NRDC-GR has initiated its transformation to Joint Headquarters and Joint Logistic Support Group in the context of Joint Task Force mission.

In June 2018 NRDC-GR successfully completed with outstanding results the NATO Evaluation as a Joint Task Force and also assumed the commitment of a Stand by force in NATO Forces Long Term Commitment Plan.

In October 2020 NRDC-GR HQ was successfully evaluated and certificated as Multi-Corps Land Component Command (MC LCC)  HQ for planning and conducting Collective Defense Article 5 land operations, as part of NATO Major Joint Operations (MJOT).