NRDC-GR organized and conducted the “IKAROS I/21” Seminar

2021, March 16 - 8:17am

On the 10th and 11th of March 2021, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece/Air Operations Coordination Centre (NRDC-GR/AOCC) organized and conducted the “IKAROS I/21” Seminar.

The aim of the seminar was to familiarize and enhance the knowledge of NRDC-GR Staff on matters related to air domain. The seminar focused on how to recognize, comprehend and exploit the challenges for Air Land Integration (ALI), in the context of NATO Multi-Corps Land Component Command (MC-LCC).

The seminar was organized in close cooperation and coordination with NRDC-GR Fires and Targeting and G3 Air Branches. NRDC-ESP Subject Matter Experts (SME) provided a briefing via VTC adding a valuable contribution regarding the newly developed Tactical Air Command and Control concept and ALI for the upcoming exercise STEADFAST LEDA 21. On the second day of the seminar a newly established internal Integrated Command and Control (ICC) functional system training took place, focusing on ICC planers role.

Valuable interaction, exchange of ideas and proposals between participants and sharing of experiences, resulted in a successful and productive outcome.