NRDC-GR HQ conducts IPC for exercise GORDIAN KNOT 20

2019, November 29 - 8:50am

From 27th to 28th Nov, 2019 NATO Rapid Deployment Corps – Greece (NRDC-GR) conducted the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for the exercise GORDIAN KNOT 20 (GOKT 20), with the participation of representatives from all HQ’s Branches, the Host Nation, as well as the affiliated Formations and Units, chaired by DCOS PLANS.

The aim of the IPC was to present the exercise specifications and milestones, to assemble the key exercise planning members and to identify the requirements for the HQ and Exercise Control. Commitments were developed and pertinent information was captured to develop the scenario and to set the way ahead.

The conference was very productive, defining the details needed for the successful planning of the exercise, being a precious milestone in the NRDC-GR preparation towards the upcoming exercise GOKT 20.