NRDC-GR Hosted the 2nd Bi Annual International AOCC Conference 2016

2016, November 15 - 10:04am

From 9th to 10th of November 2016, NATO Rapid Deployed Corps – Greece (NRDC – GR), hosted the 2nd bi - annual International Air Operation Coordination Center (AOCC) Conference, under auspices of HQ AIRCOM/Air Laison Office, at the Headquarters’ premises.  

Commander of NRDC-GR Lieutenant General Alkiviadis STEFANIS (COM/NRDC - GR) welcomed all the external participants from AOCC’s, LCC Izmir, French JFAC and Air Command of Ramstein. Participating Nations representatives confirmed their commitment to support NRDC-GR in all the necessary changes on the way to the transition of the Headquarters to Joint HQ, while having a consensus in all discussed subjects.   

The aim of the Conference was the improvement of Air Land Integration through closer coordination, cooperation and standardization. During the two days presence in the region of Thessaloniki, the participants had the chance to pay a visit to the archeological site of Vergina discovering the Great Tumulus, where the chamber tombs of the Macedonian Royal family were concealed for 23 centuries.

The 2nd bi - annual International AOCC Conference was part of NRDC-GR HQ training program conducted in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere providing all attendees with a considerable sum of experience, forwarding the positive attitude of all participants to the benefit of achieving the multiple training objectives.