NRDC-GR conducts the Military Medical Seminar “ MACHAON” 2020

2020, February 8 - 9:11am

On 6and 7 Feb 2020, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Greece (NRDC-GR) HQ conducted in its premises the Military Medical Seminar 2020, titled ‘MACHAON”, with speakers and participants from NATO Force Structure (NFS) HQs, NATO Force Integrated Units (NFIU), MND-NE, the Medical Centre of Excellence, Kings College of London and NATO countries including Medical Doctors from the Hellenic Military Hospitals and the Medical Director from the Hellenic Air-Force General Staff.

The seminar served as a useful platform for medical advisors, medical planners, experts and professionals to share their experiences, views and good practices. It enhanced their capacities and built up a common understanding on critical military medical matters that are connected with the planning of military operations.