NRDC-GR Celebrates Turkish Republic Day

2021, October 22 - 2:40pm

On October the 22nd 2021, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece (NRDC-GR) held an official ceremony at its premises for the celebration of the Turkish Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayrami).

NRDC-GR Commander Lieutenant General Anastasios SPANOS welcomed the Consul General of the Turkish Consulate General in Thessaloniki‎, Mr. Efe CEYLAN who represented the Republic of Turkey at the event. The Commander expressed his pleasure for celebrating together the Republic Day and thanked the distinguished guest for honoring the event with his presence. Mr. CEYLAN thanked the Commander for providing the opportunity of the celebration, highlighted that Turkey is a staunch supporter of a genuine Alliance solidarity and fair burden sharing and stated that there has never been a better social organization, a better political system and State structure for the Turkish People than the Republic.

The Turkish Senior National Representative at NRDC-GR, Major Serkan BIRLIK, referred to the meaning of the day; the creation of a modern, contemporary, secular and democratic nation state and also to the Turkish support to the extensive spectrum of NATO operations since 1952 when Turkey joined the Alliance. The C’ Corps Military Band played not only the Greek and Turkish National Anthems but also the “Kemal Atatürk Marşı”.

The ceremony concluded with a small reception that took place at HQ premises. During the event, all the respective COVID-19 pandemic protocols were implemented and the protective measures were followed.