NRDC-GR Celebrates the French National Day

2021, July 16 - 2:27pm

Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

On July 16th, 2021 NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece (NRDC-GR) held an official ceremony at its premises for the celebration of the French National Day.

NRDC-GR Commander Lieutenant General Anastasios SPANOS welcomed the Director of the “École Française de Thessalonique”‎, Ms. Caroline GEOFFRAY who represented the French authorities at the event. The Commander expressed his pleasure for celebrating together the Bastille Day, he highlighted the strong links between Greece and France and the importance of the French Revolution for the modern Democracies; whereas he thanked the distinguished guest for honoring the event with her presence.

The French Senior National Representative at NRDC-GR, Lieutenant Colonel Sylvain CUCHE, thanked the Commander for his appreciation to the French contribution to NRDC-GR. At his address he referred to the meaning of both the French National Day and the National Flag. The C’ Corps Military Band played not only the French National Anthem but also the “Marche de la Garde consulaire à Marengo”.

The ceremony concluded with a small reception that took place at HQ premises. During the event, all the respective COVID-19 pandemic protocols were implemented and the protective measures were followed.

Vive La France!