NRDC-GR and University of Macedonia Memorandum of Cooperation

2016, December 22 - 9:23am

On 19th of December 2016, Commander NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-GR Lieutenant General Alkiviadis STEFANIS signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) between NRDC-GR and the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) of the University of Macedonia, which was represented by the Dean-Professor of International Relations, Ilias KOUSKOUVELIS.

The aim of the MOC is to strengthen the ties between NRDC-GR HQ and the academic community thus to encourage productive relationships and educational cooperation to the benefit of both organizations, linking on issues and practices that serve and positively bond the purposes and objectives of the two parties.

Commander NRDC-GR Lieutenant General Alkiviadis STEFANIS on his speech, pointed out that he is confident that the students will benefit from their participation to HQ’s training activities and enhance our HQ value added, as it provides an excellent international military working environment and expressed his confidence that this MOC is another one step in coming closer with the University of Macedonia and the academic community of the city of Thessaloniki.

According a speech delivered by the Dean-Professor, Ilias KOUSKOUVELIS highlighted that the MOC is the outcome of the excellent relations developed among the two organizations the previous years and indicates the desire of the two parties to continue and improve the collaboration in new areas for the benefit of both NRDC-GR and University of Macedonia.

Signing of the MOC demonstrate in the best way the willingness of both academic and military organizations, towards a better understanding and future collaboration in common areas of interest in the frame of comprehensive approach requirements in the challenging operational environment.

NRDC-GR HQ through its operational, social and international role has “opened the doors” to the local academic community.