NRDC-GR 17th Plenary Conference

2021, October 15 - 5:31pm

On October the 14th 2021, Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) organized and conducted the 17th Plenary Conference of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Greece (NRDC-GR) at the Headquarters premises.

The participating Nations representatives during the Plenary confirmed their commitment to NRDC-GR, while they reached a consensus on the following subjects:

  • Acceptance of the Republic of North Macedonia as participating Nation,
  • Augmentation of the USA representation,
  • Revision of the HQ structure,
  • Bidding of multinational positions.

During the Conference, it confirmed once again that NRDC-GR is a high value asset for the SE flank of NATO, especially this period (2021-2023) that has assumed the Multi Corps Land Component Command (MC LCC) role and that it is a capable and adaptable organization whose strength is based on the Alliance’s common values, the synergy and the team spirit of its members.

During the event, all COVID19 protective measures and protocols were implemented.