Joint Monument Inauguration

2016, December 12 - 2:37pm

 On December 11th, 2016, a particular importance ceremony took place in the main entrance of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Greece (NRDC-GR), where historical exhibits of the three Branches of the Hellenic Armed Forces created a highly aesthetic composition that symbolizes the new solid foundation of NRDC-GR as Joint Headquarters (JHQ).

 In the speech of the day, it was mentioned that: “The new joint task of our Headquarters inaugurates the combined operational action of all armed forces branches under unique command. Within the frame of this institutional evolution, a representative monument was erected at the entrance of our HQ. Land, Sea and Air exhibits are harmonized in order to highlight the innovating joint function.”

 The combination of the exhibits include a British manufactured 6 inch towed howitzer, a 1000 kgr anchor and an American built light fighter F-5A, bears a strong symbolization, this of the close and restless cooperation of the land, sea and airborne forces attached to the HQ, under its new joint identity, resulting to our feeling of high pride, for being members of NRDC-GR.

 The inauguration of the monument honored with their presence the Chief of 1st Army Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS, COM NRDC-GR Lt GEN, Alkiviadis STEFANIS, COM NCNG OF-5, Christos PAVLOUDIS, COM 113 CW, OF-5 Gregorios THEOCHARIDIS, President of Historical Army Vehicle Club, Mr Georgios ILIADIS) and all HQ personnel.

 We thanked all, civilian and military personnel, who contributed in the carriage and restoration of all monumental pieces, highlighted that this initiative has its roots long time ago finalizing continues efforts of the past years NRDC-GR Commanders.

The restoration would not have been easy to complete, without the valuable, voluntarily assistance of Historical Military Vehicles Club members, to whom much gratitude is owned.