Exercise "GORDIAN KNOT 2017" – Distinguished Visitors Day

2017, December 7 - 5:31pm

On December 07th, 2017, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Greece (NRDC-GR) welcomed the Distinguished Visitors that have been present in order to participate in the final day of the HQ’s annual exercise “Gordian Knot 2017”. 

Among others the HQ honored with their presence, the Minister of National Defense Panos KAMMENOS, the Deputy Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff Lieutenant General Konstantinos FLOROS, Consul Generals of Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain and Turkey, along with DCOM ARRC, US Army Europe, COMs of Affiliated Units and other distinguished guests.

The Distinguished Visitors Day opened with a detailed briefing concerning the exercise. GOKT17 was a NATO-led Non Article 5, Crisis Response Operation (CRO) and the main training activity of NRDC-GR for 2017, focused on Joint Task Force HQ processes, procedures and capabilities. It was the venue to achieve national Full Operation Capability as an integrated model JTF HQ and will be offered to SHAPE for observation – evaluation.

After the briefing the Distinguished Visitors had the opportunity to have a tour in the Command Post and the surrounding facilities, focusing on the Combined Joint Operation Centre (CJOC) and the currently established Communication and Engagement Coordination Centre (CECC). The later contributed significant to the orchestration of all communication activities and their coordination with the operations, current and future.

A press conference organized right after the tour where National and Regional media representatives had the opportunity to engage with the Minister of Defense and NRDC-GR Command Group. Earlier this day a media briefing has been delivered to the media representatives about the scope, objectives and outcomes of the National Evaluation of the Headquarters as Joint Task Force HQ.

The Minister of National Defense during the press conference congratulated all the participants and expressed his satisfaction for their excellence performance. He also emphasized the Hellenic commitment as well as the responsibility that Greece undertakes within the Alliance in relation with its important geopolitical position. Moreover he mentioned the importance of “Jointness”, the cooperation with Allied Countries and the excellent relationship developed between the Hellenic and the Allied personnel.

The day concluded with an official lunch, during which Commander of NRDC-GR, Lieutenant General Dimitrios BIKOS, expressed to all the Distinguished Visitors his honor and pleasure for their presence on this important day for the HQ. Exercises like GOKT17 demonstrate Greece’ commitment to the Alliance as well as the  solidarity and collaboration, two virtues that along with the devotion to the mission and the strong leadership guarantee the way ahead towards a successful future.