Crisis Action Team Training

2021, October 5 - 2:54pm

On the 4th and 5th of October 2021, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece (NRDC-GR) organized and conducted a Crisis Action Team (CAT) training in the framework of the preparation for Exercise “STEADFAST LEDA 2021” (STLE 21), which is scheduled as the main training venue for NRDC-GR during 2021, focusing on the Multi Corps Land Component Command (MC-LCC) role of the HQ. On the second day the venue was attended by NRDC-GR Commander Lieutenant General (GRC A) Anastasios SPANOS,

The training intended to enhance the operational effectiveness of the engaged personnel in procedures in case of a crisis that requires immediate reaction on behalf of the HQ. Key Staff members that participated had the opportunity to develop Courses of Action, propose and formulate plans and develop relative orders according to the respective scenarios.