2016, April 22 - 10:23am

Lieutenant General (HE A)

Dimitrios KOUKKOS


Lieutenant General Dimitrios KOUKKOS, was admitted in the Hellenic Military Academy (SSE) in Athens, in 1981.

In 1985 he was commissioned as an infantry officer.

Since 1986 he was assigned as Platoon Leader and Company Commander to various Mechanized Infantry and Infantry Battalions as well as an Instructor at the Combat Support Officers Military Academy (SSAS) in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 1997 he attended the War College in Thessaloniki, Greece. Upon his graduation he was assigned as Operations Staff Officer in 31st Mechanized Infantry Brigade in Ferres, Greece and immediately after (2000-2001) as Deputy Commander in a Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the same Brigade.

In 2001 he was assigned as a Staff Officer at the Hellenic Army General Staff/Operations Division, initially as Chief Current Ops and subsequently as Staff Officer in the Branch dealing with the international operational commitments of the Hellenic Army in NATO, EU, UN and SEDM(SEEBRIG). During that period he participated in the working group for the establishment of NRDC-Greece in Thessaloniki, as well as in working groups for the establishment of the Hellenic EU-OHQ in Larissa, Greece, and the transformation of 71st A/M Inf BDE to the EU- Battlegroup HELBROC as project officer. With this assignment he gained valuable experience of the international military affairs and operations.

In 2003 he attended the Joint Staff Officers’ School in Athens, Greece.

From 2005 to 2007 he was assigned as the Commanding Officer of 644 Mech Inf BN in Alexandroupolis, Greece, where in the second semester of 2006 he deployed with his BN to Mitrovica, Northern Kosovo for five months.

In 2007 he was posted at NRDC-GR in Thessaloniki as G5/Doctrine and Policy SO participating in the successfully conducted CREVAL of the HQ with a full strength deployment to Krete island in summer 2008.

The following three years (2008-2011) he was assigned to JFC Brunssum, Netherlands, as Branch Head of J2/ISR Branch mainly dealing with the intelligence support of NATO operations in Afghanistan, an unparallel operational experience.

Upon his return to Greece he was posted to NRDC-GR participating to the NRF preparation and evaluation (Sep-Nov 2011) as Chief Liaison Officer of the COMNRDC-GR to the COMJFC Brunssum and in Jan 2012 he assumed the duties of ACOS G5 of the HQ.

From 2010 to 2012 he attended the National Defense College (distant learning class).

In 2014 he was promoted to BDE General and assigned as DCOM at the 98th Higher Command of National Guards in Lesvos Island.

In 2015 he was assigned as DCOM at the XII Mech Inf DIV in Alexandroupolis, Greece.

In 2016 he was assigned as the Commander of the 34th Mech Inf BDE in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 2017 he was assigned as Commander of the XII Mech Inf DIV in Alexandroupolis, Greece.

In 2019, he was assigned as Commander of the Hellenic Supreme Joint War College.

On the 9th of March 2020, upon his promotion to Lieutenant General he assumed the command of C’ Army Corps/NRDC-GR.

He holds a Postgraduate Degree on Applied Strategy of Plymouth University, UK.

He is married with three daughters.