Advanced FAST – FAS & Dynamic Targeting Training Course in NRDC-GR

2016, December 16 - 10:56am

NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece, (NRDC-GR) Joint Fires Branch conducted the ‘’Advanced FAST-FAS & Dynamic Targeting Training Course’’, from 5th to 9th of December 2016, which is held on a biannual basis, in the premises of the Headquarter.

Deputy Chief of Staff Operations (DCOS OPS), Brigadier General Salvador Sanchez TAPIA (ESP) of NRDC-GR, welcomed the participants. Subject Mater Experts (SMEs), from JFC NAPLES, NRDC – SPAIN, EUROCORPS, JTFC POLAND, CAOC SPAIN, MNC – NE SZCZECIN, MND –SE BUCHAREST, were among the participants.

The aim of the training was twofold. Firstly to provide participants with the basic and advanced knowledge and skills about Dynamic Targeting and Time Sensitive Targets prosecution process – how to use FAST application more efficiently and secondly, Land perspective acting as LCC or Corps under LCC and on the Operational Level acting as a JTF HQ.

The seminar was highly productive, due among others to the valuable contribution of the external participants and the establishment of a forum for fruitful discussion and sharing of experiences, being a precious milestone in the NRDC-GR road map for upgrading its capabilities and transformation to Joint HQ.