SEEBRIG delegation visit at HQ NRDC GR

2013, December 12 - 2:59pm

A delegation of South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) in the framework of their training activities visited NRDC-GR on Wednesday 11 Dec. 2013.

Head of the delegation was the Commander of SEEBRIG Brigadier General Hakan ESER (TUR, A). He mentioned that this visit is included at SEEBRIG’s annual calendar in pursuit to gain experience from NATO HQ and to improve SEEBRIG’s capabilities.

The first part of the visit included an office call with COM NRDC-GR LtGen Nikolaos DEVETZIS followed by a detailed briefing about the structure, role, mission, capabilities and futured plans of NRDC-GR HQ. Afterwards, SEEBRIG DCOS/OPS Col. Uylian PETROV (BGR, A) delivered a briefing concerning the history, the mission and the milestones that SEEBRIG has achieved within the South Defense Ministerial process.

During the second part of the visit the delegates of the Multinational Brigade had the chance to see some of the key installations and facilities of NRDC GR related to the operational capabilities and they were informed about the higher readiness status of the HQ.

Concluding the visit COM SEEBRIG expressed his gratitude and his appreciation for the warm welcome as well as the productive discussion between the staff of the two HQs during the visit and he submitted his best wishes for NRDC-GR endeavors.