SEEBRIG Commander Visits NRDC-GR HQ

2015, December 12 - 9:14am

The Commander of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-GREECE (NRDC-GR), Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS welcomed the SEEBRIG (South East Europe Brigade) Commander Brigadier General Numan YEDİYILDIZ in the premises of the Headquarter on Friday 11th of December 2015.

Br.Gen Numan YEDİYILDIZ was briefed upon the structure, role, mission of NRDC-GR as well as the upcoming challenges on the way ahead to NRDC-GR transition to Joint Headquarter (Joint Task Force HQ).

In accordance with MPFSEE Agreement, the South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) was established and activated by seven participating Nations, on 31st of August 1999 in Plovdiv and was then hosted in Constanta, then in Istanbul and is currently located in Tyrnavos (Larissa).

The force (SEEBRIG), will be available for possible employment in UN or OSCE-mandated NATO-led or EU-led conflict prevention and other peace support operations. It could also participate in “coalition of the willing” type international initiatives. The Force will also function “within the sprit” of PfP.