NRDC-GR launched exercise GORDIAN KNOT 2013

2013, November 8 - 2:53pm

The major annual activity of NRDC-GR is exercise GORDIAN KNOT 2013 (GOKT 13) which has been kicked off at the central part of Northern Greece on November 8th.

The aim of GOKT 13 is to sustain and further enhance the capability of NRDC GR in high intensity planning and conducting Crisis Response Operations at Corps level.

Around 600 participants from 12 Nations have been engaged for a period of ten days Command Post exercise. International augmentees from other NATO Command and Force Structure HQs are also participating in various posts to achieve exercise’s objectives.
All operational assets of the HQ such Land, Air and Maritime Operations’ Center have been engaged.
The scenario anticipates a fictitious situation which engages NRDC HQ to execute the different phases of initial Early Entry Element’s deployment and engagement.
NRDC HQ Commander Lt Gen. Nikolaos DEVETZIS during the starting briefing encouraged all participants to perform their best efforts as well as through the execution phase to gain experience for future requirements based on exercise’s objectives.