HQ NRDC-GR organized 9th Plenary Conference

2013, December 17 - 2:56pm

The 9th NRDC-GR Plenary Conference was held at HQ premises from 12th to 13th Dec. 2013.

NRDC-GR Chief of Staff Major General Ilias LEONTARIS as chairman of the Plenary welcomed the participants on behalf of NRDC-GR Commander Lieutenant General Nikolaos DEVETZIS and thanked both the Framework and the participating Nations for their support and contribution to the common effort.

– The road to High Readiness Forces (HRF) evaluation and subsequently to Joint HQ transformation.

– The bidding for additional PE and CE posts.

– The presentations and acceptance of minor changes to the HQ structure and

– The update on issues related with the function, the financial situation and the Shared Budget of 2014,

were the main topics of the agenda.

The 10th Plenary has been scheduled for mid-December 2014.