Civil Military Cooperation Seminar

2013, December 4 - 2:57pm

Following the exercise Gordian Knot 2013, NRDC-GR HQ Civil – Military Cooperation (CIMIC) G9 Branch organized the 2nd for this year CIMIC Seminar with the title “Working with the Civil Actors”, in Thessaloniki, on the 27th November 2013.

The seminar focused on the mutual cooperation and interaction with the civil actors, before and during an operation. No matter what type of operation NRDC¬GR is going to undertake, NATO troops will engage with many Civil Organizations and they have to work “shoulder to shoulder”. On this principal, it is a prerequisite for any success and requires strong and effective cooperation and harmonization of all the efforts between military forces and civil counterparts.

It is really, a cornerstone of the “Comprehensive Approach” concept, which suggests the implementation of a robust network of relations within the “civil dimension”.

The outcome of the seminar is culminated to the followings:

1. Strengthens the cooperation between the NRDC-GR staff and Civilian Organizations and Universities located in Greece that are members of the Civil Advisory Cell.

2. Contributes to NRDC-GR staff familiarization with the tactics, techniques and procedures that the Civil Organizations use on the field.

3. Shares the experience that they gained while working with military personnel in real actions.

In addition to the HQs staff, briefers came from the international staff of NATO HQ Brussels, the Hellenic CIMIC Coy, the Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center and members of NRDC-Greece Civil Advisory Cell (CAC).