Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

2014, December 18 - 3:12pm

A Christmas tree lighting ceremony was held on Thursday, 16th of December 2014 in “Pedion Areos“ Camp, Thessaloniki.

Prior to the ceremony, the family member of both C’ Army Corp and NRDC-GR personnel had the opportunity to visit and get familiar with the working environment of their relatives.

The Commander of C’ Army Corps/NRDC-GR HQs, clearly delighted, welcomed and thanked all the personnel and their families for the huge participation in this highly – anticipated event. The switch was flipped with the help of many children and the lights …..began to sparkle. The delightful event was enriched by the live performance of C’ Army Corps Military Band, playing Christmas songs and giving a small show which excited the attendants and made them to applause many times.

After the Military Band performance, soft drinks and seasonal treats were offered to the participants and the ceremony ended with greetings exchange for the Holiday Season.

It was the first time that an event like this took place and admittedly, was at all a successful initiative.