“ASCLEPIUS” Medical Seminar at NRDC-GR

2013, December 7 - 3:00pm

The annual medical seminar named “ASCLEPIUS 2013” was carried out in NRDC-GR HQ under the responsibility of G4 Branch on 4th and 5th December 2013.

The seminar focused on medical operational as well as clinical issues that influence NATO Operations. Its aim was medical personnel’s improvement in operational capabilities and familiarization with NATO procedures with ultimate goal the enhancement of quality of medical support in a possible future engagement.

It was a very productive seminar served as a forum for exchanging ideas, views and experiences concerning Medical Support during operations. In addition to the NRDC-GR HQ’s staff, external participants from Hellenic National Defense General Staff, NRDC-ITA, 424 Military Hospital in Thessaloniki, affiliated to NRDC-GR units such as 33 MECH BDE and 71 AMB BDE and Hellenic Red Cross joined and contributed to the seminar.