Albanian National Day (28 Nov)

2013, November 29 - 2:53pm

The NRDC-GR celebrated the Albanian Independence day, with a flag raising ceremony on 29th of November 2013 in front of the main building of the HQ, with the presence of the Deputy Commander NRDC-GR Major General Plamen LILOV, the General Consul of Albanian Republic in Thessaloniki Mr. Riza Poda, distinguished guests and the entire staff of the HQ.

The Albanian Senior National Representative in the HQ Ltc Kasem Saliasi, addressed the HQ on the meaning of the day, Albanian Flag and Armed Forces.

After five hundred years of occupation domination, an independent Albania was proclaimed on the 28 November 1912. Apart from the exception during the fifteenth century, when Albania enjoyed a brief period of independence under the legendary hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, the country did not enjoy independence until that day.

The Flag of Albania is a red flag, with a silhouetted black double headed eagle in the centre that represents the sovereign state of Albania located in the Balkans. The red color symbolizes the blood of all fighters who lost their life in behalf of Albanian freedom. The double- headed eagle is the national symbol of the Albanian and it was used for heraldic purposes during the Middle Ages by number of Albanian noble families, including the Kastrioti, whose most famous member was Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg.

On the 4th December 1912, just 6 days after the declaration of independence of Albania, National Army was established and it was for the first time in its history, when the Ministry of National Defense was created.

Today an amelioration of the economic and political conditions in the early years of 21st century led to Albania becoming a full member of NATO in 2009. The country is applying to join the European Union too.

The ceremony ended with small reception for all inviters.