December 15, 2014

Exercise GORDIAN KNOT 14 has come to an end. NRDC-GR has been put through its paces during the two week long exercise in the area of Thessaloniki in Macedonia region of Northern Greece. It was nested to the exercise TRIDENT LANCE 14 which was conducted at the same time by NATO Land Command (LANDCOM), with the participation also of JFC (Naples), NRDC-T, MNC NE and SEEBRIG.

The exercise started on Sunday 30th of November. Lt. General Ilias LEONTARIS, Commander of NRDC-GREECE stated in his welcome remarks to the personnel: “Exercise GOKT 14 and its intensive battle rhythm present...

December 07, 2014

On Wednesday 3rd of December Commander of LAND Command (LANDCOM) Lt. General John NICHOLSON, visited NRDC-GREECE in the frame of the exercise TRIDENT LANCE/GORDIAN KNOT 2014 (TRLE/GOKT-14). Commander NRDC-GREECE Lt General Ilias LEONTARIS welcomed the distinguished visitor in PEDION AREOS Camp.

Then the LANDCOM visited the Main and Rear/Alt Command Post exercise areas, at “PROKOPIDI” and “LEVANTI” Camp, where he had the chance to see up close the HQ personnel and installations at full deployment, passing by all functional areas of the Command Post and raising questions to the...

December 07, 2014

NRDC-GREECE has started the exercise GORDIAN KNOT 2014 (GOKT-14) on 30 November, involving nearly 1,300 personnel, from the HQ’s Staff, Integral, Organic, Affiliated and Dedicated Formations and Units, with the aim to test the HQ’s ability to coordinate and execute a unique NATO-led Article 5 Collective Defense Major Joint plus Operation (MJO+) in a multinational environment with the participation of personnel from 15 Nations from other NATO Headquarters.

Nested to exercise TRIDENT LANCE 14 (TRLE 14) of NATO’s Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) that is LANDCOM FOC (Final Operation...

November 28, 2014

A workshop has been organized by the NRDC-GREECE Rear Support Command (RSC) on the 18th of November 2014. The purpose was the transformation of RSC to Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG). The workshop participated experts from NRDC-IT, EUROCORPS, NRDC-T and MNC-NE.

MAJOR GENERAL Dimitrios KALOGEROPOULOS NRDC-GR Chief Of Staff (COS), in his opening remarks welcomed the external participants. After that a first presentation about the transformation of NRDC-GR to Joint HQ was given, followed by an overview by RSC summarizing all issues and focusing on JLSG was delivered.