"TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018” Crisis Response Planning Ongoing

From 9th to 26th, January 2018, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece (NRDC-GR) Headquarters (HQ) conducted Phase IIA and IIB Operational level Crisis Response Planning (CRP) in support of exercise Trident Jaguar 2018.

The scope of the planning effort was to certify the staff ability to conduct CRP through the establishment of a Joint Operations Planning Group (JOPG). This was a NATO-wide effort supported by NATO and other participating Commands. 

During the planning process a respective Operational Planning Liaison Element (OPLE) has been deployed to support SHAPE’s CCOMC, along with an Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Team (OLRT). The latter has been deployed to the Notional Host Nation, simulated by the Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger Norway, in order to support the overall effort.

The enthusiasm, passion and hard work which characterized the daily efforts of the training audience throughout the CRP, were very evident to every external participant.  A great JOPG team, supported by essential augmentees, as well as the close relationship, direction and guidance provided by the Command Group and Special Advisory Group have been the force multipliers of success in this significant NRDC-GR HQ’s milestone. 

Subject matter experts from the NATO community, including a Training Team from JWC, as well as role players as representatives from Higher Commands and Host Nation captured a real environment according to the notional scenario. Furthermore, Senior Mentors and an Evaluation Team led by SHAPE contributed to the scope of this evaluation.

As has been highlighted by all key team leaders the contribution of the augmentees during the evaluation in this early stage of TRJR18 planning process was invaluable. COM of NRDC-GR Lieutenant General Dimitrios Bikos pointed out that the selection process of augmentees was a big challenge for the HQ. Thanks to the great support provided by the Hellenic Armed Forces leadership the process concluded in the maximum effective way.

The Senior Mentor during the last day of this evaluation phase highlighted in the Command Group that the planning process during the CRP was conducted “beyond any expectation”.  He also stressed that “your success is also the success of the JWC long standing efforts, started early in 2017 with the academics that offered the venue for the tremendous improvement in the Joint mindset” and prompted NRDC-GR staff to keep up the hard work to the execution phase of TRJR18 exercise and beyond.