NRDC-GR Participates in the 7th International Thessaloniki Half Marathon

2018, October 15 - 8:02pm

On October 13th 2018, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece Headquarters (NRDC-GR HQ) participated in the 7th International Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon. The NRDC-GR HQ running team, a total of 181 participants from 12 countries including family members, ran along with students, champions, celebrities and political figures from the city, signifying once again, the excellent esprit de corps of the HQ, the multinational spirit of cooperation, the dynamic character of its members and their desire to be part of the city’s culture.

The NRDC-GR HQ runners participated in both the 21,1km and the 5 km street race, with starting point Thessaloniki’s City Hall, following a route through the city center and finishing in the monument of the White Tower, in front of numerous spectators, who celebrated the event.

The 7th International Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon was an amazing experience for its runners too. It is worth noting that the runners, who finally participated, were more than 16000, from 56 countries and 5 continents with the age of them varied from 12 up to 86 years old.