NRDC-GR HQ Moves Forward Towards the Gordian Knot 2017 Exercise

2017, November 10 - 12:40pm

From the 1st to 10th November, 2017, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece (NRDC-GR) conducted successfully the exercise Gordian Bonus II 2017 (GOBS II/17) in three different locations. This was the second Battle Staff Training (BST) for the Headquarters in 2017 and the phase IIIA of the National Evaluation by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS) towards its certification to a Joint Task Force Headquarters.

The aim of the BST II/17 was to prepare the HQ personnel for the upcoming Annual Exercise Gordian Knot 2017 in their respective role, operationalizing their knowledge in the new revised Command and Control (C2) concept. Furthermore, to demonstrate the capabilities and interaction of the Initial Command Element, Reach Back and Joint Logistic Command Group during a full Battle Rhythm cycle, supporting the deployment of forces in the early phase of a notional Joint HQ operation.

The exercise was conducted by a fully organized Exercise Control (EXCON) team that illustrated a high intensity notional scenario, while in the same time gave the opportunity to the practitioners to interact with the Host Nation, Higher Commands and Subordinates, International Organizations, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organization in order to underpin the Comprehensive Approach.

NRDC-GR remains an essential NATO Force Structure HQ, trained to be evolved in a modern and complex operational environment, infiltrating to all its personnel the gravity of its role and contribution to the defense of the Alliance, while infusing its members with faith to military values and professionalism. Our headquarters empowered by exquisite human relationships, maintains the capability of rapid deployment, ready to respond on a large scale crisis scenario.