NRDC-GR HQ Celebrates the Bulgarian National Day

2019, March 9 - 9:17am

On March 8th, 2019, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece (NRDC-GR HQ) celebrated the Bulgarian National Day. The event was honoured by the presence of the Commander of NRDC-GR, Lieutenant General Konstantinos KOUTRAS, the Bulgarian Consul General Mr Vladimir PISANCHEV, Consuls from the Contributing Nations, family members and the entire staff of the HQ.

Deputy Commander of NRDC-GR, Major General (BGR A) Ivan ORTOMAROV, as Senior Bulgarian Officer in the HQ, highlighted the importance of the day and expressed his sincere gratitude to Greece as the Host Nation, as well as to all contributing Nations, for the opportunity provided to the Bulgarian Contingent to raise the Bulgarian Flag on their National Day.

The Commander of NRDC-GR expressed his honour for celebrating together the 141st anniversary of Bulgaria’s independence. The ceremony concluded with a reception that took place at NRDC-GR HQ’s premises.