NRDC-GR Congratulates 61st Mechanized Brigade of Stryama on its 25th Establishment Anniversary

2017, October 6 - 12:54pm

61st Mechanized Brigade was established on 2nd October, 1992 as a proud successor of the traditions of 28th Regiment of Stryama, 21st Srednogorski Regiment and 11th Tank brigade. On 19th November, 1998 the brigade adopted the name “61st Mechanized Brigade of Stryama”.

The brigade of Stryama is tactical formation from Bulgarian Land Forces, which has capability for effective execution of tasks involving the full spectrum of NATO operations, alone or in interaction with other units and formations from the Bulgarian Army and allies from NATO, by conducting and executing the implementation of the three main missions of the Bulgarian army: Mission “Defense”, Mission “Support of international peace and security”, Mission “Contribution to national security in peace time”:

As a declared unit from NATO forces with lower readiness 61st Mechanized brigade HQ keep required level of capacity to plan and conduct offensive, defensive, stability and enabling operations. Brigade is prepared to take part in operations in the Alliance collective defense system, in multinational NATO-led non-article 5 crisis response operations as well as in disaster relief operations in response of crisis caused by natural or industrial disasters.

61st Mechanized Brigade has been actively involved with personnel and combat equipment in basic NATO exercises and has formed and trained personnel that have taken part actively in many peacekeeping operations abroad mainly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since June 7th, 2013 the 61st Mechanized Brigade has been the first formation from the Bulgarian Army affiliated to NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece. The Bulgarian 61st Mechanized Brigade “STRYAMSKA” handed over its flag to NRDC-GR, marked in the best way the long standing cooperation and common training, as one of the most powerful units of the Bulgarian Army.

NRDC-GR HQ, being grateful for the Brigade’s continuous presence in the HQ training activities, congratulates 61st Mechanized Brigade “STRYAMSKA”, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment.

Here you can watch the video: