NRDC-GR Celebrates the German National Day

On October 4th, 2019, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece Headquarters (NRDC-GR HQ) celebrated the German Unity Day at its premises. The Commander of NRDC-GR, Lieutenant General Konstantinos KOUTRAS and the entire HQ staff, warmly welcomed the distinguished guests, including the German Consul of Thessaloniki, Deputy Head of mission, Carsten MÜLLER, who honored the ceremony with his presence along with other German invitees.

Lieutenant Colonel Marko FREUND, the Senior National Representative of Germany, addressed the HQ on the meaning of the day. During his speech he highlighted that the official National Day of Germany is October 3rd and is referred to the accession period from 1989 to 1990, marking German Re-unification in 1990, when the former German Democratic Republic joined the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany, bringing Germany back together as a single country again.

NRDC-GR Commander congratulated the German contingent for this anniversary and expressed his appreciation for their contribution to the HQ’s successes. The ceremony concluded with a reception held at NRDC-GR HQ’s premises.