NRDC-GR Celebrates the 140th Bulgarian National Day

2018, March 9 - 2:18pm

On March 9th, 2018, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece (NRDC-GR HQ) celebrated the Bulgarian National Day. The event honored with their presence the Commander of NRDC-GR, Lieutenant General Dimitrios BIKOS, the Bulgarian Consul General Mr. Vladimir PISANCHEV, Consuls from the Contributing Nations, family members and the entire staff of the HQ.

Deputy Commander of NRDC-GR, Major General (BGR A) Dimitar ILIEV, as Senior Bulgarian Officer in the HQ, in the speech of the day, expressed his deepest gratitude to Greece as the Host Nation as well as to all contributing Nations for the opportunity provided to the Bulgarian Contingent to raise the Bulgarian Flag on their National Day.

Furthermore, talking about the importance of the day, he said that it is the 140th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria. “Truly free can be only this nation which knows and cherishes its liberty and is capable of self-governance. Our ancestors had managed to fulfill this necessity, thus demonstrating that Bulgaria deserves its Freedom and Sovereignty.  This is what makes the 3rd of March truly symbolic to every Bulgarian”, he added.

Major General ILIEV made a particular reference to the flag of Bulgaria, explaining its different colors: white for the peace, green for the freedom and red for honoring the blood of our people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of their country.

Concluding his speech, Major General ILIEV in the frame of the ongoing Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) the first six months of 2018, highlighted the European spirit dominating in Bulgaria, “a spirit that is strongly connected among others with the dedication to the security, solidarity and stability for the prosperity of our people, common goals for both NATO and the EU, focusing in the Western Balkans”, as he mentioned.

Commander of NRDC-GR highlighted the excellent relationship between the Bulgarian contingent and the rest of the HQ personnel as well as their significant contribution to the last years NRDC-GR successes. With a specific reference, he expressed his gratitude to his Bulgarian Deputy pointed out his outstanding professionalism, hard work, and dedication to the NRDC-GR.

The ceremony concluded with a reception that took place in NRDC-GR HQ’s premises.