Moving Forward Towards the "GORDIAN KNOT 2019" Final Phase

2019, May 10 - 11:04pm

From 6th to 10th May 2019, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece (NRDC-GR) Headquarters, conducted Phase IIIA of exercise "GORDIAN KNOT 2019", to demonstrate the deployment and the capabilities of the Initial Command Element (ICE) and the Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) HQ.

Eighty seven augmentees from Affiliated Greek and Allied formations and units as well as a contracting company and students from Greek Universities, participated in Phase IIIA, portraying the theatre environment and providing the opportunity to NRDC-GR personnel to plan and conduct a Non Article 5 Crisis Response Small Joint Operation (SJO) Land (L) Heavy of limited complexity in the framework of the JHQ's stand-by period in Long Term Commitments Plan.

During this phase, NRDC-GR had the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities in accordance with "responsive C2 deployment" as described in Conceptual Framework from Alliance Operations (CFAO), running a full decision making cycle, using as background document the OPLAN developed during the Crisis Response Phase.

Hard work, passion and professionalism of the entire personnel not only during this phase of the exercise, but from the very beginning of the planning phase of the exercise, have led to a successful outcome, visibly assuring the Alliance of the NRDC-GR's ability to meet the required standards, by increasingly adapting and developing flexible joint capabilities