Military Engineer and Geographic Seminar in NRDC-GR HQ

2017, June 16 - 8:47am

NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece Headquarters (NRDC-GR HQ), conducted in its premises in Thessaloniki, the 2017 “DIADES of PELLA” and “STRAVON” Seminar with the participation of ENG and GEO Staff Officers from NATO HQs, the Hellenic Army General Staff/GEO Directorate and Hellenic Engineers (ENG) Formation/Units.

 Chief of Staff (COS) of NRDC GR-HQ, Major General DRIVAS Christos, welcomed all the participants, expressed that the Headquarters will keep on training its multinational personnel alongside external participants and Subject Matter Experts from NATO Community, adapting doctrines and procedures, to accomplish the suitable ability and capacity to meet its level of ambition for future upcoming challenges.

 The aim of the Seminars was to improve knowledge, interoperability and communication within the Military Engineer (MILENG) and Geographic (GEO) community regarding NRDC-GR’s future role as a Joint HQ. Key objectives were to maintain NATO MILENG and GEO network, to share experience as well as to promote relevant concepts and way of thinking.

 During the seminars, informative sessions on Crisis Response Operational Urgent Requirements (CURs) and Requirements Review Board (RRB) were executed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), while the Hellenic Army General Staff/Geographic Branch presented the new trends in holographic maps.  

 Both Seminars were exceptionally profitable, sharing information and common understanding in different processes. The external participation with the parallel contribution of NRDC/JENG assisted the professional development, upgrading the cooperation between NATO entities as well as highlighting the Alliance solidarity and the common support among its members.