Logistic Reporting (LOGREP) Operators Training Course in NRDC-GR

2018, April 27 - 3:05pm

From 24th to 27th April 2018, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – GREECE (NRDC-GR) conducted a Logistic Reporting (LOGREP) Operators training Course, at the Headquarters’ premises in Thessaloniki.

The course was organized by J4 and attended by NRDC-GR personnel as well as representatives of Affiliated Formations and Units.

NRDC-GR welcomed all the participants, highlighted the importance for such training events that, as he said, constitute a great opportunity for the young officers to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to use this function system as well as for the older ones to be updated with new procedures in place.

The course was executed on a theoretical as well as practical basis, so as attendees to get a clear overview on how LOGFAS works and what products they can extract out of it.

The course fulfilled its aim to create a pool of trained and certified personnel that may assign to relevant posts. Function systems training enhance the capabilities of NRDC-GR on the way to undertake its role as a Joint Task Force within the Alliance, from the summer 2018 according to the Long Term Rotation Plan.