HNDGS Organizes the 14th Plenary in NRDC-GR JHQ

2018, November 1 - 2:38pm

On November 1st, 2018, Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS) organized the 14th plenary conference that was hosted by NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Greece (NRDC-GR) Headquarters, in Thessaloniki. Chief of Staff of NRDC-GR Major General Christos DRIVAS welcomed all the participants, highlighting the importance of this forum for the future of the HQ in the new multinational Joint environment.

Brigadier General (HE AF) George DIMANTONIS, chairman of the plenary, in his opening remarks stated “Hellas, in line with the expanding Alliance’s capabilities, formally agreed to offer NRDC-GR to the force pool of Joint HQs from the summer 2018 for a two year period, according the NATO’s Long Term Commitment Plan. In this way our Country’s posture and profile inside the Alliance’s Community was enhanced and our commitment to NATO, upgraded”.

In addition, he emphasized that Hellas as Framework Nation is ready to take any steps forward needed, in order to further develop NRDC-GR.

The participating Nations representatives confirmed their commitment to support NRDC-GR, while they reached a consensus in all discussed subjects. All countries reaffirmed their participation in NRDC-GR. Additionally, the Bulgarian representative stated that Bulgaria will increase its presence to the HQ.

NRDC-GR constitutes a highly capable, constantly adapting, reliable HQ, ready to cope with future challenges. Through such events it reinforces the Hellenic commitment to the Alliance, presents the HQ’s interoperability and capability to coordinate and cooperate with NATO members, promoting openness and transparency and built confidence to the wider NATO community.