Completion of the Hellenic Language Course in NRDC-GR

2018, June 13 - 12:26pm

At May 25th, 2018, officers and family members of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece foreign personnel, received their certificates on the knowledge of the Hellenic Language, after the completion of the course (beginners and advanced), in a graduation ceremony that took place at the HQ premises, in Thessaloniki.  

The lessons were conducted by a graduate student from the University of Ioannina in History and Archaeology as well as post graduate studies at Neograzistik Freie Universitat of Berlin, while supervised by the Family Support of the Joint Headquarters Support.

Brigadier General GOUMAS Anastasios, the Director of the HQ Support, congratulated the graduates of this significant multicultural program. The event took place at a recent renovated hall of NRDC-GR, dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess “Athina”, the goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Cross-cultural awareness is a force multiplier to both military staff and their families, enhancing their adaptability in the local societies around the globe. Language imposes its own structure and importance on communication flows and personal networks.

Military Staff and their families with confined knowledge of the local language skills tend to build supporting personal relationships with language mediators, while those with superior language capabilities are able to build broad contact networks within multinational organizations and their surrounding local societies. Language is often used as an informal mean of expertise in a multinational environment and this is why we see great value in this program.