2016, April 22 - 10:25am

Major General (HE A) Christos DRIVAS 



M. Gen Christos Drivas was born in Agios Andreas, Mesolonghi, on Apr 08, 1962.
He graduated from the Hellenic Army Academy in June 1984 as second Lieutenant Infantry Branch. Up to now he was appointed on the following assignments-duties:

• Company Commander (1985-1988)
• 297 Battalion Ops Officer (BS3) (1988 and 1992).
• UN Military Observer in the UN Kuwait-Iraq Observation Mission(1992 - 1993)
• 218 Battalion Ops Officer (BS3) (1994-5)
• 514 Battalion Deputy Commander (1996-7)
• Senior Operations Officer - United Nations Observation Mission in Kuwait & Iraq (UNIKOM), (1998)
• Multinational Exercises Staff Officer in B’ Army Corps (1999 - 2000) Chief Operations (CJ3) in 50th Mech Brigade (2001)
• JOC Director at NATO HQ Skopje (NHQS) (2001 - 2002)
• NATO Exercises Staff Officer at the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS) (2002-
• 2004)
• Chief Analysis Division at NATO / JALLC (Lisbon) (2004 - 2007)
• 640 Mech. Battalion Commander (2007 - 2009) Chief of Staff of 96th Mech Brigade (2009 - 2011)
• Deputy Brigade Commander 96th Mech Brigade (2011 - 2012)
• Chief Influence Operations Directorate, Hellenic National Defense General Staff (2012-2014) Chief of Staff at EUFOR RCA OHQ (EU Military Operation in Central African Republic), Larissa, (2014)
• Commander JLSG/NRDC ITA (2015- 2017)
• COS NRDC-GR since Mar 2017

He attended the basic and advance courses of the Infantry School in Greece (1988) and also the
Infantry School at Fort Benning (GA), USA (1989).

He graduated the War College, Thessaloniki (2000).

He graduated the National Defense College, Athens (2010 – 2012).

He attended several courses abroad such as Crisis Management in NATO School Oberammergau as well as Strategic Analysis related ones in Lisbon.

He owns a MSc in Applied Strategy and International Security (UK / Plymouth). M. General Christos DRIVAS has been awarded the following medals:
• The Phoenix Golden Cross
• For Meritorious Command
• Officers Longevity Service Commendation
• Staff Officers Service Commendation
• The United Nations Medal (UNIKOM)
• The NATO medal for Kosovo
• The NATO medal for Skopje
• The Peace Support Ops Commendation Medal
• The EU Military Operation EUFOR RCA Medal
• The Gold Medal of the National Defense of France
M. General Christos DRIVAS was commended for his distinguished service by the:
Chief of the Hellenic Army (1996)
Chief of the Hellenic Army (1998)
NHQ Skopje Commander (2001)
JALLC Director TU (A) General Mehmet Cetin (2007)
JALLC Director (DNK) BDE General Jorgen Hansen – Nord (2007) Minister of Defence of France, Mr Jaques Yves Le Drian
COM NRDC-IT Lt Gen Roberto Perreti

He speaks English, Italian and French.
He is married to Mrs Aggeliki Neamoniti and they have two children Konstantinos (29) and Despoina (21).