June 02, 2017

From May 31st to June 2nd 2017, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece (NRDC-GR) hosted in its premises in Thessaloniki, the ACO CIMIC Key Leaders Conference 2017, organized by SHAPE J9 Division in collaboration with US EUCOM HQ/J9.

The aim of the conference was to provide mechanisms to address developments which have a direct or indirect impact upon ACO CIMIC/CMI activities. CLKC17 provided an important forum for exchange of ideas and information on developments related to CMI and the enhancement of ACO and National Component CIMIC capability while at the same time it was also an...

June 01, 2017

On May 29th to 30th 2017, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece hosted the Rapid Reaction Corps – France (RRC-FR) Conference, with the participation of subject matter experts (SMEs) delegation from RRC-FR, leaded by RRC – FR DCOS Plans & Environment Brigadier General Philippe BOISGONTIER.

         The aim of the conference was to share the experience gained by RRC – FR SMEs during the last JTF evaluation in the framework of TRIDENT JAGUAR 17. The agenda consisted of a combination of briefings and open discussions covering all aspects from doctrine to operations through training...

May 26, 2017

NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece participates in Exercise Steadfast Cobalt 17 (SFCT17), which begun on May 21st and will be completed on June 2nd 2017, in Kaunas, Lithuania. The exercise has been NATO Communication Information System Group’s (NCISG) main command and control exercise that is designed to primarily test and evaluate communication systems in support of the enhanced NATO Response Force (eNRF).

Exercise Steadfast Cobalt 17 provides a testing environment for assessing deployable communication systems with a focus on interoperability and standardisation. NATO Signal...

May 18, 2017

       On May 17th 2017, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece Air Operations Coordination Centre (NRDC-GR/AOCC) conducted “IKAROS” Seminar in the HQ premises, with the participation of Air Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from NATO Air Command (AIRCOM) and Spanish Joint Force Air Component Command (ESP JFACC). 

       The aim of the seminar was to familiarize and update the Joint Staff of our HQ and to analyze selected Joint Force Air Component Command (JFACC) tasks and procedures interacting with a JTF HQ, in order to facilitate the transformation of NRDC-GR, in the frame of its...

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